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Why choose to charter a private jet?

There are many reasons you should consider jet charter. Some individuals choose jet charter as a lifestyle choice, as it allows them to skip the hassles associated with traveling through a major airline. It can also be a major time saver for businesses. Companies may often need to send multiple employees to check on multiple business locations. Sending the employees via a charter aircraft allows them to travel directly to the closest airport, completely bypassing the airline hubs and reducing travel time, allowing the company to save money on hotel stays and giving the employees more leisure time at home. In short, charter is more convenient and time efficient than other forms of air transportation.

How much does jet charter cost, on average?
Jet charter costs vary by aircraft type, travel time, the number of passengers, domestic or international. Contact us for a free quote and more information on how we calculate charter costs.

What is the difference between jet charter and jet rental?
Just like bigger airplanes, jet charter companies are FAA-certificated Air Carriers. Jet rental companies, however, are often run by organizations and individuals who do not have proper FAA certifications. Pilots employed by jet rental companies often do not have proper certifications, and the aircraft might be behind on maintenance as well.

Jet rental is an unregulated industry that often hides in the shadows but is attractive to some customers since it is often cheaper than a fully FAA-certified charter operation. If something goes wrong on one a non-regulation flight, customers might have issues with insurance companies as jet rental companies cannot be properly insured for commercial jet operations. Always ask for an Air Carrier Certificate before booking a jet.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the plane?
Absolutely! CapJet can also cater food for the flight, if needed. Snacks, such as nuts, crackers, cookies, pretzels, candy, water, soft drinks, and liquor are provided on all flights.

How is baggage check handled on a charter jet?
All baggage is loaded on-board in the baggage compartment by the pilots and line crew personnel. Any carry-on that you would like to keep with you is checked by the pilots before boarding.

How should I choose the type of jet I would like to charter?
Ask us questions during the booking process! If you need to send a single person to Dallas for the day or a group of people across the country for a week, we’ll make sure you have a suitable aircraft. Efficiency of flight is predicated upon picking the right aircraft and your aviation professional can help guide you to the right decision. The more information you have when you call for a price quote, the more efficient the charter company can be. If you call us with no idea of how many people will be traveling or how long your trip will be, it will be difficult for us to provide you with specifics and we’ll have to give you a rougher estimate.

What is the best way to get myself to my charter flight (parking, etc)?
The easiest way to get to your flight is to drive your own vehicle to the private terminal you’ll be flying from. There is no fee for parking and the line service personnel can pull your car up to the aircraft, unload your bags, valet park your car and, when you return, pull your car up to the aircraft to load up your bags!

How do I get to where I’m going once I reach my destination?
When making your flight arrangements, always address what ground transportation you will need before you get there. There are a wide array of choices, including Uber, Lyft, taxicabs, and limousines, and we can make those arrangements for you on your behalf. We will flight-follow your flight to your destination and make sure we call ahead while you are enroute so your ground transportation will be ready when you arrive!