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This Week in Aviation News! December 17th, 2018 – December 23rd, 2018

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December 20, 2018
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This Week in Aviation News! December 17th, 2018 – December 23rd, 2018

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! There’s a good chance you’re busy celebrating right now, so we’re going to keep things short and sweet this week. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get exciting content from us in your newsfeeds all week long!





  • Honeywell Rolls Out Amazon-like Parts Trading Business

    “Eying a still relatively untapped online marketplace for aviation parts, Honeywell Aerospace today unveiled a new e-commerce business, GoDirect Trade, likening the new platform to an Amazon format.” (AIN Online)


  • Aircraft Operators Chip In To Save Sea Turtles

    “While this season has been one of the worst in terms of sea turtle strandings on New England beaches, business and general aviation operators have once again come to the aid of the endangered reptiles, transporting more than 250 of them from Boston to southern marine creature rehabilitation centers where they will receive care and eventually be released back into the wild.” (AIN Online)


  • Spirit AeroSystems Volunteers Collect Toys

    “More than 100 Spirit AeroSystems employees in Wichita mounted their Harley-Davidsons and other motorcycles this month and rode through the company’s historic Plant 2 collecting toys and cash for the Salvation Army.” (AIN Online)

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